Oblivion VFX Reel

The new film Oblivion looks like a smorgasboard of beautiful cinematography and computer effects. It is written and directed by Joseph Kosinski, who also directed the visually stunning, yet story-lacking Tron Legacy. I am excited to check this film out in the theaters soon. It looks like a great throwback/reinvention of the classic sci-fi films of the past.

Here is a visual effects reel that I found online for your viewing pleasure.


Finally, A Reality Show for Cartoonists

I have never been a fan of reality tv game shows. But there is a new web series that is right up my creative alley. Enter Strip Search, a online game show to find the next great web cartoonist. They also have some fun challenges and brainstorming activities.

The show is created by the geniuses behind the Penny Arcade web comic.

There are new episodes twice a week. Check it out over lunch break if you get a chance.

Here is episode 1.

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